Sustainability is a key focus for us and we pay attention to our paper choices and production along the way.

Here are more details on the efforts we undertake:

Paper Sourced From Sustainable Forestry

We hand-select all our papers to ensure that they were sourced from sustainable forestry - or that they are made from recycled paper.

Even our envelopes are made by us so we can ensure the same quality.

Supporting The Planet & Planting Trees

1% of all sales go towards planting new trees together with our partner One Tree Planted.


We also only print on certified or recycled papers and in climate-neutral ways and refrain from using plastic around our products completely.

No Plastic

From the beginning it was clear to us, that we didn't want to use plastic packaging around our products and have come up with different solutions to prevent the use of single-use plastic.

Our puzzles for example, come in organic cotton string bags, made in the UK and printed by us by hand at Typoriginal Studio.

Produced in Europe & Carbon-Neutral

We pay a lot of attention to our production. We hand-select papers, even produce our own envelopes & packaging, and only partner with printing houses that are environmentally conscious.

All our products are either printed in Germany or in The Netherlands.

Proud Reforestation Partner

We are a proud partner of One Tree Planted and 1% of our sales go towards this great cause of replanting new trees around the world.

You can find out more about their amazing work in this short video.


Did you know that we even produce our own envelopes?

With each greeting card, you will of course also receive an envelope! But not just any...each greeting card comes with a Typoriginalenvelope, also made from paper sourced from sustainable forestry. Like our cards, they were also produced in a carbon-neutral way.

So they not only look and feel great but are also sustainably produced - just like our cards!


We also came up with a plastic-free solution that still protects our cards

If you buy one of our cards at one of our stockists or at one of our events or market stalls, there is a good chance you will find our cards neatly nestled within one of our transparent paper sleeves. 

We worked really hard to come up with a plastic-free solution that still protects our cards.

In the end, we produced these sleeves that are made from paper sourced from sustainable forestry - just like our products themselves!