Typoriginal x Sara Boccaccini Meadows double-sided wrapping paper with botanical design on a white background and matching mint green print on the reverse.


This wrapping paper reminds us of a nice walk through late spring/early summer - you can almost smell the flowers and weeds Sara has incorporated into this design.


This beautiful botanical pattern is complemented by its mint green reverse side - now presents look great on the inside too and gift giving is double the fun!


A little tip: If you have more than one present, vary the front and back of the paper when you wrap them!

"White Botanical" Wrap

  • Front: Various botanical flowers and weeds in a yellow, purple and green design
    Back: Mint green
    Size: 70 x 50 cm
    Paper: White paper from sustainable forestry
    Artist: Sara Boccaccini Meadows
    Printed in: Germany
    Catalogue number: SBM-WP-004

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