Tyoriginal x Fossdesign double-sided wrapping paper with funny characters, golden stars and matching gold print on the reverse.


We love the funny people that Kristen from Fossdesign draws (check out the "Girls" wrap too). For christmas, she gave them christmas jumpers, party hats and a lot of rouge!

Not only the stars at the front of the wrap are printed in gold, the reverse is also flooded in the same gold shade - now presents look great on the inside too and gift giving is double the fun!

Little tip: If you have more than one present, vary the front and back of the paper when you wrap them!

"Christmas People" Wrapping Paper

  • Front: Funny christmas people
    Back: Black
    Format: 70 x 50 cm
    Papier: White paper from sustainable forestry and 105gsm weight
    Designer: Fossdesign
    Printed in: Deutschland
    Catalogue number: FD-WP-001

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