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We have moved!

In the past year, a lot has changed at Typoriginal and you might have already noticed some changes here and there. Our website is now completely in English and packed with even more content than before! But that's not all...

Behind the scenes, we have moved our office from Berlin to Amsterdam. Berlin has been a great starting point for Typoriginal (all our products are printed there) but we are so happy to call Amsterdam our new home - it is simply inspiring and full of life, art, great people and great ideas. Just the place to be, if you ask us. And even though it has been a hectic few months adjusting to the change, we are now fully settled and ready to go full steam ahead!

"On The Move" card from our Typoriginal x Sarah Wilkins collection

We have so many cool things planned for this year still and are hoping to reveal them all to you very soon! Lots of new products and designs on the horizon for sure! So make sure you follow us on your favourite social media channels(s) or simply sign up for our newsletter so we can keep you up to date.

Greetings from Amsterdam!

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