• Nicky

Typoriginal x One Tree Planted: planting trees with your help!

You may have wondered whether Typoriginal is participating in Black Friday. The short answer is no. But let me explain why and what we’re doing instead.

From the start, I have paid a lot of attention to sustainability. All our products are printed on paper from sustainable forestry or recycled paper. Even the envelopes that come with our greeting cards are custom-made in Germany at a climate-neutral printing house - only that way I could ensure that everything is being produced sustainably, nearby and up to a good standard. We also refrain from using plastic packaging around our products and reuse shipping boxes wherever possible.

Because sustainability plays such a big role to Typoriginal (and also the artists I work with) and because we believe in conscious shopping, Typoriginal will not participate in Black Friday. Instead, we will participate in Green Friday!

I am so happy to announce that from this Black Friday on and forwards, 1% of all sales will be donated to the amazing cause that is One Tree Planted. To put this into context - almost every three puzzles sold means that we plant a tree together somewhere in the world!

To find out more about One Tree Planted and the amazing work they do, watch the below video:

I hope you are as excited as I am about this and will help Typoriginal to plant loads and loads of trees from here on in! 💚

x Nicky