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Hello World!

Here we are! Typoriginal is online! Raise your glass!

We're happy you're here... now we can show you our products and tell you about what's coming up!

At Typoriginal, we love print, we love paper and we love design. After working in the creative and printing industry for many years, it was time to start our Typoriginal-project which has been in the back of our minds for over three years. A genuine project from the heart, one could say. We want to create high-quality paper goods in collaboration with different artists and incorporate our love for paper and print.

The idea appealed to our collaboration artists because few knew about the possibilities which print and paper can offer. That's how our unique and stunning products developed and you can buy them in our web shop today.

We have so much exciting stuff lined up for 2019. At the moment we're working hard on new collaborations and products. Our product range will grow soon enough and we're always happy to hear your feedback!

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