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DIY Tutorial - Easter Egg Ornaments

The time has come! For the first time, we have a DIY tutorial for you! We want to show you that our double-sided wrapping papers are not only great for wrapping presents but that they are also perfect for crafting.

So we came up with a nice little tutorial, you can try over the Easter holidays. These lovely Easter egg ornaments, which are already hanging on some willow in our office (a European tradition btw), are super easy to make - so this is indeed a tutorial for kids and adults alike.


Our easter egg template (you can download it here), our double-sided wrapping paper, 10mm wooden beads, 3mm thick satin ribbon, scissors, glue stick

How to do it

First, download and print out our easter egg template on a slightly stronger paper or cardboard.

Cut out the eggs - how many stencils you will need, depends on how many helpers you have. Take the stencil and trace the eggs on the wrapping paper. We used our White Botanicals paper in this case and traced the eggs on the mint-green side. Per ornament, you will need eight cut-out eggs.

Once you have cut out all the eggs, simply fold them in the middle so that you have a crease from top to bottom. Alternate which way you fold - fold half of the eggs with the mint-green side showing and the other half with the illustrated side showing.

As mentioned before, you will need 8 eggs per ornament - after folding your eggs you will need 4 eggs with one side showing and 4 eggs with the other side showing.

Start by glueing one egg to another - glue one back to another and alternate the designs. Continue glueing the back of one egg to another (keep alternating) until you have glued up 8 halves. Don't glue up the last two sides just yet. We know you can't wait to see the 3D-effect but we need to insert the string first!

Take the 3mm thick satin ribbon and cut a 40cm long piece. Fold the ribbon, string the wooden bead through it and tie a knot at the end. Don't hesitate to put the knot a little further up so the egg gets a little "tail".

Lay the tied-up ribbon between the two sides of the egg that you haven't glued together just yet. Now glue together the last two sides and spread the sides out to create the 3D-effect. Here there are! Your easter egg ornaments!

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